Space of Jotie 't Hooft

The space of Jotie is a traduction of all the vocabulary into a treedimensional interpetation where I put as the main concept the new revolutianary vision of this poet. It is a sequense of perspectives of a guy who frequently 'abused' drugs alcohol,.. and many more of goodies.
It is the sequence of perspectives I believe symnolises the life of this great poet. The project exist of tree volumes slightly inclinated, it could mean his tree suciede atempts. Although I don't want to make an anecdotic architecture Next to it there is the circulation wich is a Piranesian space, a labyrinth. Those two main items function in contradiction with each other and should be read in that way. The third element is the grid it is a neutral reference system in order to better understand the alternated perspectives.



Here are the plans and projections of the project. I put them in animation to have a sequence wich I believe is essential. In order to understand the project you if your interested can use the second disk of the two. It contains the autocad file, sure must trie !!!


This second animation is the sequence of axonomitrics, I think that they represent best the way one sees the space, virtually
I already spoke at least a dozen times about sequence of perspectives. I made here a small animation when you walk in the project. First you enter the Piranesi space and climb up the plan, walk around,... I hope you like it. Reply on my email at the homepage.






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