On Symbols and signs

Jotie 't Hooft as being one of the most important contempory poets, also served as a great chock for the litteratury world in Belgium. Especially this year (1998) he is recelebrated while exacltly twenty years ago he unfortately died. His vocabulary was totaly new a revolutianary hitech-thing, of the youth where he eventely killed himself in. His great morbid fascination for death and drug-use are resulted in such an agressiv world as the Hitech vacabulary wich Norman Foster, Grimshaw and other contemporary architects are well known. The problem here is that all those great people trie to express the suprematic thing of life, of men, wich on the contrary is nothing and will eventely evolve into nothing.. Only the egostic egocentrical pulse of men to pretend being important reults in his incompetence to gather the thruht

I intend to create here a vocabulary according to this fantastic poet. It will serve as being a language in where eventely people can create a whole new world (if they wish they could preserve also in a great queste towards the end).

Note : I on the contrary also am fascinated by this sarcastic fascination of the common, the big refuge wich they End will eventely serve.But I Love these dark thoughts to much put and to my life. Here I'd like to put on of my one poems, wich are of cource not of the same standard wich Jotie or other poets have.


The vocabulary

apertion 'to be open' it's his contiuous question to the reader to put your self open towards new influences like tarot, drugs,... Here it represents the new elaboration of perspective. Leave the normal and percieve yourself in a new univers of questional doubt. Don't take the usual as being a dogmatic axomia, there is a way for not taking the common for granted

Axis inplicates a direction. You have a certain goal in your life and eventially you die, and like he says dying is being sorry for yourself. Maybe it is better to free yourself ? There is one great axis in life. It is one where you always wish to go farther and farther, but men never results in cfreeing himself from the incapability of death. There is following Jotie, no gained freedom in percieving a long wishful life.

The world is full of barriers, there is no freedom and everywhere your cut in your path by tramhours, rivers, doors,
Where are continuously confronted with our own limitations when it is not our intelligence it's are body. When it's not our body it's our emotions,... The biggest barriere according to Jotie is the average I tried in my luogo to create a place where ther are only imaginary boundaries. Il parcorso that you follow is the loung winding roud towards the upper consciuosness.

The new world wich he organises is one without center. It's a casino. And it's up to you to find your way. The only problem here is that you will not find the exit before your XXXX. This is the paradox in th work of 't Hooft he simultanuously percieves in creating a univers where time becomes immatriculate. There is one great center wich obviuously becomes reduclant and metamorphosis itself in an a-space

There should be a great concentration of activities in all the project. He is not only the poet wich is one of the greatest artist with dense simple words, but also his great queste to reappreciate the simple, is here beyond any boundig conjections. A great converted sequensiality of understated activities.

connection to make a lien, this could well be the stream of consciuousness wich we now of the great Irish writer James Joyce. For me it is one of the best examples into making virtual connections like : men, woman, hous, bed, chair, nightstand, Sex, ex, feyennoord, football, ... Of cources there will always be an incompability with persons who think in an other way owning to personal reminders, cultures, sex, ...

Is there really a direction in all are omnipotent activities. Do we know were we are heading or do we even star to look up at the skie realising are infantiel civalication hiding in its own egocentric thoughts. The direction were we are heading can be related to the lost time were we are currently living in. Fatalisme or even the Catastrophisme wich tend to end up every end of the century

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Let's for once concider the egoistic enclosure. Enclosure what does it significate ? According to me it is a selfconcsiuous rejection , a returing to yourself and hiding to protect you from' the big evil world' wich manages to create a severe repulsiv impression upon our simple souls. Why do we return upon our selve to percieve our own rest ? It is the mind wich creates a selfaware meditation in order to free yourself. Quite Zen !

Hi, you isn't it ime to buy qiute little barbiedolls, to worship to television or even go to Ibiza on holidays. Sorry not for me. Not that I'm the great conquistador of the new alternativ world, not at all. But maybe it is time to broaden your horizon, wether drugs or alcohol manage are the best inspirations for this new voyage I will not tell here. But what I do know is that in any way this young armada-poet sympathising with contra-revolutionary ideas sure did.

The grid is the référence towards to nez perspectives. It is a neutral construction in order to make a référence into the new boundaries wich should not to be understandable without a seriuous construction. The grid in the space I designed for Jotei seres int this way. But not only is the spacial grid a simple référence towards the world it contains als a lot off irony. isn't it true in order to realise a new world you have to sustain, putting next to it the old demolished abandoned ideas.

My favourite. The labyrinth is nothing more than the world , we pretending where we going, imagining the ultime goal of our succesion seem to never result in finding the exit. The exit is there but charged with melancholie. The infinte sadness of never finding the true meaning of our existence.

Opposition. To merge as a contrapostion is one of the most inportant ideas in his litterature. He continuously makes surrealistic références of two opposites in order to explain his concept.

Orientation. It doesn't mean in this sense of the word the return to orient existence. But, sorry simply the way we organise and make distortions in our lifes. Simply by looking at an angle on life. You take a certain perspectiv although it will never be correct or complete in your life simply with the incapability of coping with the whole vision.

radial this is an ald vision. It represents the city wich according to a history growth expanded. It is here completely the opposite of grid, wich I rather associate to the poet. But I somehow feel that this signs is necessary. In order to understand the anti-thes of grid.

This image represents a rupture to break with all you know and free yourself from the past that haunts you all the time. A farewell goodbye.

The server is the symbol that make the world go around. It is the transporation lign of energy to feed and conect the individual parts. In the space I created it is the Piransian-circulation wich serves as a connection and otherwise. The space connects the Piransian space. Maybe if you like it is better to refere it to a nerve system.

The vain it feeds the whole and makes a coherent image. So that every detail becomes necessary to use the system. The transportation of energy. I defined the server very equal, but there is a deifference. It is the feeling and the more human approge wich this image gives it's force.


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