De Identitate
Rome 26-27 July 2004
(inside summer-course 22 July-1 August 2004)

Index of papers and links to all PAPERS

Proceedings (together in one file PDF 12MB)
Some papers in Chinese:
paper of the coordinator, Celestino Soddu
paper of Zhang Yukun and Li Henan
paper of Cao Peng
1st paper about Shaoxing City
2nd paper about Shaoxing City
3rd paper about Shaoxing City

Participants references

de identitate Participants:

Prof. Celestino Soddu    Politecnico Milano Univ.
Prof. Enrica Colabella    Politecnico Milano Univ.
Prof. Zhao Xy    BLCU, Beijing University
Prof. John Frazer   Prof. and Researcher, Belfast
Prof. Yang Changming    Tianjin University
Prof. Zhang Linwei    Tongji University
Prof. Zhang Kun    Tongji University
Prof. Tian Yun Qing    Shanghai University
Prof. Linan Liu    Xi'an University
Prof. Thomas Fischer    Kassel University
Prof. Hans Dehlinger    Kassel University
Prof. Bauke de Vries    Eindhoven University
Prof. He Renke    Hunan University
Mr.Christian Tognela    Politecnico Milano Univ.
Mr.Chen Li    Tianjin University
Mr.Zhao Jinsong    Tianjin University
Mr. Xu Zongwu    Tianjin University
Miss. Li Henan    Tianjin University
Miss. Liang Hanglin    Tianjin University
Mr. Sun Chengyu    Tongji University
Mr.Cao Peng    Tongji University
Mr.Xie Liwei    Tongji University
Miss Mi  Jia      Tongji University
Mr.Shi Daohong    Tongji University
Mr. Ole Werner    Kassel University
Mr. Daan Willems    Eindhoven University
Mr.Wang Wei    Hunan University
Mr.Tan Hao    Hunan University
Mr.Marco Longatti    Politecnico Milano Univ.
Mrs Candy Herr    Kassel University
Mrs Vicki Chan    Shanghai