Celestino Soddu
Curriculum Vitae and Bibliography

March 2003

CELESTINO SODDU, Professor, Architect
Ø    Professor of Architectural, Environmental and Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano University, Italy.
Ø    Director of Generative Design Lab, DiAP, Politecnico di Milano University
Ø    Chairman of Generative Art annual international conference.
Ø    Coordinator of “Euro-China Exchange: technology and Culture of Generative Approach”, program financed by European Commission.
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, 20122 Milano, ITALY.
Email: celestino.soddu@polimi.it
http://www.generativeart.com (the site of the annual international conference Generative Art)
http://www.generativedesign.com (the site of Generative Design Lab)
http://www.artegens.com  (the site with teaching activity in the Politecnico di Milano University)
http://www.celestinosoddu.com (the personal website)
Tel (39).2.2399.5418 / 5483
Fax (39).2.2399.5454
20133 Milano (Italy), Corso Garibaldi 55. Tel (39).2.8692354
00186 Roma (Italy), Via del Governo Vecchio 91, Tel (39).6.6879587
Cellular (39) 335.6099787

Celestino Soddu was born in S. Maurizio di Brunate, Como (Italy) in 1945, architect.
He obtained his Five years University (Master) Degree at Rome University “La Sapienza” in 1970.
In the same year he passed the State Examination for Professional Architects and Engineering Register.

He is registered architect.
His activity is in the fields of architecture, architectural object design, art and music.
His offices are in Milan and in Rome.

He teaches in Italian Universities since 1971.
He is tenure professor of Architectural Design, Environmental Design and Technology at Politecnico di Milano University, Faculty of Engineering-Architecture, Italy. 
In 1971 he was assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Reggio Calabria, in 1974 tenure assistant professor and in 1980 tenure associate professor of Architectural Design.
At present his course at Politecnico di Milano, VI Faculty of Engineering-Architecture, is  the “Final Synthesis Lab” (Master degree thesis) 2002/2003 5th year, and “Generative Architectural Design” 2003/2004, 5th year.

In 1978 he activated and directed the Audiovisual Center of The University of Reggio Calabria.

In 1997 he founded and, at present, he his the director of the Generative Design Lab at the Department of Architecture and Planning of the Milan Polytechnic University to approach the most advanced possibilities in the topic of architectural design and of the design research about identities of town and natural/artificial environments.
In 2002 he had funds from European Community for enlarging the activity of his Generative Design Lab with other Generative Design Labs in Europe (Kassel and Eindhoven) and in China (Shanghai and Tianjin)

Beginning from 1979, his research is about the dynamic evolution of the artificial systems complexity and image, designing sequences of original software to emulate and control architectural, environmental and industrial design processes and to improve the manufacturing industrial processes.

In 1984 and 1985 he made his first series of lectures in USA and Canada (Waterloo University. Concordia University. in Montreal, Penn State University.) and, as expert of the Italian Foreign Office, in Somalia.

In 1986 he designed the first original software to control the dynamic evolution of the genius loci of artificial environments and to create the generative codes of identity and harmony. 
Beginning from 1992 his researches was about the design of species, the design of the morph genetic codes of architecture and artificial industrial objects and about the management and the innovation of the manufacturing processes.
Every his architectural project, realized like AI/AL generative software, can generate a sequence of different architectures/environments characterized by the same genius loci. With this tool it is possible to evaluate the quality of the incoming architectural events during the increasing complexity of design processes. He used this generative software in designing the evolution of some town environments in front of the need to preserve the identity of a particular genius loci.
He designed original software also in the field of representation, (his patent of 360 degree anamorphic technical representation is used in advanced installations) and in the field of 3D creative interpretation of 2D artwork.
In Industrial design, his generative projects are useful devices to manage and control the quality and the complexity of the new industrial products. These projects are able to generate and endless sequence of different 3dmodels of industrial objects, all unique and unrepeatable, but all belonging to the same design concept and to the same functional requests. It is the industrial production of different and unrepeatable objects.

He has his Internet site beginning from 1995 (http://soddu2.diap.polimi.it alias www.generativedesign.com) where it is possible to find his researches and the works of his students. Each student of his courses and of the final degree master thesis update his work weekly using a personal home page in the site. Now in this Internet site it is possible to look at one thousand of home pages of students (Italian and foreign students of his workshops) and one hundred of theses for the final master degree in Politecnico di Milano University made with his supervision.

1991-2000. He presented his design researches and projects in International Conferences and in workshops in Italy and also in other countries: Oxford, (UK) 1991, Lausanne (Swiss) 1991, Stockholm (Sweden) 1992, Montreal (Canada) 1992, Zurich (Swiss) 1993, Singapore 1993, Neuchatel (Swiss) 1993, Wien (Austria) 1993, Istanbul (Turkey) 1994, Freiburg (Germany) 1995, Sheffield (UK) 1995, Helsinki (Fin) 1997, Stockholm (Sweden) 1997, Lancaster (UK) 1998, Edinburgh (UK) 1999, Brussels (Belgium) 1999, Kassel (Germany) 2000, Weimar  (Germany) 2000, Schwabish Gmuend  (Germany) 2000 , Las Vegas (US) 2000, Portland (US) 2000, Seattle (US) 2000.

Beginning in 1998 he organizes, with his Generative Design Lab, the annual International Conference Generative Art (GA’98 and then GA’99, GA2000 and GA2001) at the Milan Polytechnic University, accompanying with an exhibition of generative design, music and artwork, with the participation of researchers from UK, Germany, Finland, USA, Israel, Canada, France, Romania, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zeeland, Australia, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Peru’, India, Slovenia and Italy. The GA conference has a website: http://www.generativeart.com

In 2001, as Professorial Research Fellow at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he improved his generative software to realize, as direct output, an endless sequence of unique and unrepeatable physical objects made by rapid prototyping devices.

In 2001 he made lectures in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Virginia Tech. State University, New York, Boston, Kassel, Ivrea, Rome, Schwebish Gmuend, Copenhagen and Milan.
In 2001 he presented his last works in a sequence of exhibitions in Rome, Milan, Germany.
In February-March 2002 he presented his generative projects and artworks in the exhibition “Generative Art, Visionary Variations by Celestino Soddu”, at Hong Kong Museum, Visual Art Centre and, in May 2002, at MF Gallery, Los Angeles, US, giving lectures to the local Universities.
In February-April 2003 he presented his generative projects in exhibitions at IDB Cultural Center, Washington DC, at Pacific Design Center, Westweek 2003, Los Angeles, at Pontificia Universitad catolica del Peru’, Lima.

Lectures in the last 2 year:
2 February 2001
"Generative Design", lecture at School of Design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University
29 January 28 March
Professorial Research Fellow at Hong Kong Polytechnic University
23 March 2001
"Architectural Generative Design", lecture at School of Architecture of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
29 March 2001
"From Forming to Transforming: the architecture design approach", lecture at School of Architecture of Tongji University, Shanghai, China
2 April 2001, 11:00
"Generative Architectural Design and Advanced Technologies", lecture at China Building Technology Development Center, Beijing, China
2 April 2001, 15:00
"Generative approach in Architecture and Industrial Design", lecture at Tsing Hua University, Department of Architecture, Beijing, China
10 April 2001
"Generative Design, Generative Games", talk at Sony SCEA R&D, San Francisco
13 April 2001
"Generative Art and Dynamic Systems", talk at Art & Science Lab, Santa Fe', US
18 April 2001
"Generative Art and Design", lecture at Virginia Tech, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Blacksburg, US
19 April 2001
"Generative Art", lecture at Art Institute of Chicago, US
22 April 2001
"Generative Art", Lecture at New York University, NY, US
25 April 2001, 12:00
"Generative Art, from forming to transforming", lecture at Volen Center, Brandeis University, Boston, US
25 April 2001, 16:00
"Generative Design approach", talk at CDI, Harvard University, Boston, US
30 April 2001
"Generative Design", lecture at Kassel University, Germany
5 September 2001
“Generative Design”, lecture at Interactive Design Institute, Ivrea, Italy
17 October 2001
“Generative Design”, lecture and exhibition at School of Design of Shawbish Gmuend, Germany
12    November 2001
“Generative Design”, lecture at MOM, Copenhagen
17 November 2001
“Generative Art”, lecture and exhibition at Massenzio Arte, Roma
12 December 2001
“Generative Natural Flux”, opening lecture at Generative Art Conference, Milano
22 February 2002
“Generative Art, Visionary variations”, Lecture and exhibition at Lecture Theatre, Visual Art Centre, Hong Kong
23 February 2002
“Generative Architecture”, Lecture and exhibition at Lecture Theatre, Visual Art Centre, Hong Kong
23 February 2002
“Generative Design and Intelligent Production”, Lecture and exhibition at Lecture Theatre, Visual Art Centre, Hong Kong
25 February 2002
“Generative Architectural Design”, lecture at School of Architecture of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
26 February 2002, workshop with students of the Chinese University of Hong Kong at Visual Art Centre, HK.
9 April 2002
“Generative Architectural Design”, lecture at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Naples
8 May 2002
“Generative Art and Architectural Design”, lecture to the students and professors of LAIAD, Los Angeles Institute of Architecture and Design, at his exhibition at MF Gallery, Los Angeles.
16 September 2002
“Philosophy of Generative Design in Europe-China exchange” in the conference “Progetti di cooperazione scientifica e tecnologica tra Italia e Cina”, Milan Polytechnic University.
17 September 2002
“Genesis of Unicum and New Naturality”, invited lecture in the international conference: The genesis of forms in the sciences and the arts. Urbino, Italy
29 October 2002
“Generative Art, preludi, Natural Mirrors”, Isea2002, Nagoya, Japan
2 November 2002
“Designing and managing the Urban Identity with Generative Approach in Architecture and Town Design”, invited speaker in Macau Cultural Centre.
6 November 2002
“Clarity, Complexity, Harmony and Safety: Generative Identity’s codes build livable cities”, invited speaker at Cities Asia Summit 2002, Singapore
11 December 2002
“Ideal Cities”, opening lecture at 5th Generative Art Conference, Milano
9 February 2003
“Generative Design”, workshop at International Nonlinear Sciences Conference, Vienna
20 February 2003
“Generative Art, visionary variations of Washington DC”, lecture to present the exhibition at IDB Cultural Center, Washington DC
21 February 2003
“Generative Design”, lecture at Alexandra Architecture Center, Alexandria Va.
26 february 2003
“Generative Design approach”, lecture at School of Architecture, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana
4 March 2003
“Generative Design”, lecture at School of Design, UCLA, Los Angeles Ca.
27 March 2003
“Morphogenetic Visionary Architecture”, lecture at Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, Ca, during the West Week.
April 2003, The Politecnico di Milano University, center of Cultural Activities and Scientific movies realizes the movie “Talents of Politecnico di Milano. Celestino Soddu”
September 2003, presentation in Macau of the Master IDEAS, Identity and Dynamic Evolutions of Artificial Systems, Master of PhD level by Politecnico di Milano University and Macau University, directed by Celestino Soddu.
15-18 September 2003, coordinator of the Asia-link workshop in Shanghai, Tongji University.
19 September 2003, lecture at Tongji University, Shanghai
22-24 September 2003, coordinator of the Asia-link workshop in Tianjin University, China
25 September 2003, lecture at Tsing Hua University, Beijing
17 October 2003, invited lecture to the conference “technoloty and Forms of Art and Science”, University of Salerno.
7 November2003, lecture at University of Trento and High School Apeiron
11 November 2003, lecture at the University of Tel Aviv.
1-6 December 2003, coordinator of international seminar Asia-link with the participation of all the Generative Design labs belonging to the network (Milan, Kassel, Eindhoven, Shanghai, Tianjing).
10-13 December 2003, chair of the international annual conference GA2003.


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C.Soddu, 5th.Ave, Oil Picture 1986