International Conference
G E N E R A T I V E   A R T   1 9 9 8
Milan, Italy, 16/17/18 Dec 1998
organized by
G e n e r a t i v e D e s i g n L a b
Milan Polytechnic, Italy
School of Industrial Design
Faculty of Architecture
Department Scienze del Territorio
The conference will be realized with the
European Academy of Design

List of Accepted Papers

1. Macrogenesis
Prof. John Hamilton Frazer, Cristiano Ceccato
School of Design - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2. An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Industrial Design Support
Ming-xi Tang
School of Design - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

3. The constructive use of Semiotics in Design
Cathy Grundy
Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster
with the help of PDD Ltd., Central St. Martins School of Art.

4. From Ramon Lull to Image Idea Generation
Owen F. Ransen
Computer Graphics Consultant

5. The ideological basis of generative expression in design
Mirja Kälviäinen
Vice Principal, Ph.D.
The Kuopio Academy of Crafts and Design, FINLAND

6. Microgenesis
Cristiano Ceccato
School of Design - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

7. Generative art in cellular automata that include principles from quantum theory
Prof. Philip Van Loocke
Lab for Applied Epistemology
University of Ghent

8. Architecture + Autopoiesis
Nigel Antony Reading
BADip Arch

9. Schema Emergence in Generic Design
(examples are from the field of Architecture and Industrial design)
Rivka Oxman
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.
Faculty of Architecture
Technion City, Haifa, Israel

10. The Nagual Experiment
M. Annunziato
ENEA, Italy

11. Atomic Revolution
Edward Suzuki-Hoerdt

12. The genetic code of drawing: A Systemic-functional approach to the semiotics of visual language
Prof. Howard Riley
Swansea Institute of Higher Education
University of Wales

13. Design methodology in Higher Educatio and the role of Generative Approach to problem-solving
David Hartwell
Principal Lecturer
School of Design and Manufacture,
Faculty of Art and Design
DeMontfort University
Leicester UK

14. There is a universal visual grammar!
Prof. Peter Stebbing
Fachhochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd
Hochschule für Gestaltung
Rektor-Klaus-Str. 100
D - 73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd

15. The Artist´s Intentions and Genetic Coding in Algorithmically
Generated Drawings
Prof. Dr. Hans Dehlinger
Department of Product-Design
Director of the Institute
"Desing - Kunst - Computer" at the University of Kassel / Germany
Universitaet GhKassel
Fachbereich Produkt-Design

16. Collage, Thecnology and Creative Process
Penny Feuerstein
The Art Institute of Chicago

17. Designing the Undesigned: Emergence as a tool for design
Michael Pontecorvo
Chief Technologist/Founder
Emergent Design, USA

18. Web-stores with a personalived design: exploring a generative design approach
Richard Gatarski
School of Business, Stockholm University, Sweden

19. Argenia, a generative natural design
Prof. Celestino Soddu
Generative Design Lab
Milan Polytechnic, Italy

20. Verba, Scripta et Alea Generatim
Prof. Enrica Colabella
Milan Polytechnic, Italy

and the partecipation of:
Laurence M. Gartel

Eija Vähälä
The Kuopio Academy of Crafts and Design, FINLAND

David Lubensky
Interval Research Corporation, USA

Kevin McGuire
Object Technology International Inc

Organization committee:

Celestino Soddu
Director of Generative Design Lab
Milan Polytechnic, Italy

Maria Grazia Mattei
MGM Communication
Milan Italy

Last review 3 October 1998
e-mail to Celestino Soddu

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